TOUR DATES: 30 August – 16 September
DURATION: 18 days /15 days bike hire – 2,610 Miles (4,205 km) ridden
PRICE: 7,500 / 3,500 Euro (Rider / Passenger)

115 & 66 is a special ride. Its starting point is Milwaukee and the fantastic celebrations for the 115th Anniversary of  Harley-Davidson®. We then descend south, first traveling through Chicago – with its bars and their elegant and extraordinary atmosphere – then taking on the legendary 2,400  miles of Route 66, connecting Chicago to Los Angeles. In slightly more than 80 years, the first highway to ever connect the American East wih the West has inspired hundreds of writers and musicians and has been captured in countless movies. Our tour runs through it all, from beginning to end, in search of freedom. Including also Grand Canyon. A ride for true bikers – who will find their sweetest reward in the very fact of completing the trip, riding the road through - that requires you to ride on, just as the coast to coast pioneers did in the 40s and 50s, challenging the unknown of such a long trip. From Harley-Davidson® to the Mother Road, from one legend to the other, 115 & 66 celebrates the American myth on the road.


Day Program Mileage Night in
30 August Flight from Europe to Milwaukee ––– Milwaukee
31 August Milwaukee  – Bike rental / The 115th Anniversary Celebration 30 Mi – 50 Km Milwaukee
1 September Milwaukee  – The 115th Anniversary Celebration 30 Mi – 50 Km Milwaukee
2 September Milwaukee/ Chicago 100 Mi – 160 Km Chicago
3 September Chicago – city visit 10 Mi – 15 Km Chicago
4 September Chicago  / Springfield 220 Mi – 355 Km Springfield
5 September Springfield / Springfield 310 Mi – 500 Km Springfield
6 September Springfield / Oklahoma City 280 Mi – 450 Km Oklahoma City
7 September Oklahoma City / Amarillo 260 Mi – 420 Km Amarillo
8 September Amarillo / Santa Fe 290 Mi – 465 Km Santa Fe
9 September Santa Fe / Albuquerque 80 Mi – 130 Km Albuquerque
10 September Albuquerque / Holbrook 240 Mi – 385 Km Holbrook
11 September Holbrook / Grand Canyon 180 Mi – 290 Km Grand Canyon
12 September Grand Canyon / Williams / Kingman 210 Mi – 340 Km Kingman
13 September Kingman  / Oatman / Barstow 255 Mi – 410 Km Barstow
14 September Barstow / Los Angeles – bike return 115 Mi – 185 Km Los Angeles
15 September Return flight from Los Angeles ––– –––
16 September Arrival in Europe ––– –––
Days shown in bold are with bike hire


  • Giorno 1 • Arrivo a Milwaukee

    I partecipanti arrivano a Milwaukee. Sistemazione in hotel, cena e poi è già tempo di unirsi alle Celebrazioni.
  • Day 2 • Milwaukee means party!

    Both the day and the evening are dedicated to the celebrations of 115 years of Harley-Davidson® which  include a visit to the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee.
  • Day 3 • Everybody on parade!

    Our second day dedicated to celebrating Harley-Davidson®, which includes a parade of thousands of Harley® motorcycles through Milwaukee.
  • Day 4 • Welcome to the Windy City

    After the celebrations we leave Milwaukee to reach Chicago. We get our hotel accommodation on the Michigan lake shoreline and then, in the evening, the city has something to offer to those who love Blues music... onRoute66-Ovest-giorno1
  • Day 5 • The Magnificent Mile

    The day is fully dedicated to the Windy City. We start by climbing up the Sears Tower, from which you can enjoy a four-state wide view; then we take a walk on Michigan Avenue and the Magnificent Mile, ending up at the Navy Pier. This evening we will listen to live music and enjoy excellent food.
  • Day 6 • Time to hit Route 66

    After packing our bags it's time to hit the road. After the ritual picture at the Eastern End of the 66 sign, we  start our journey on the Mother Road. The first part of 66 is all within the city. But then, gradually, we come out of the suburbs, the scenery changes and we start crossing a series of small towns rich in history which remind us of the glory days of Route 66: Joliet, Odell, Pontiac to name but a few... Up to Springfield, Illinois, the city of Abraham Lincoln.
  • Day 7 • From Springfield to Springfield

    Two towns, same name, two different States, and between them a path rich with landmarks of historical interest, like the Chain of Rocks Bridge in Saint Louis. And by nightfall one more Route 66 landmark. Dreams of the 66 could not come more alive...
  • Day 8 • Between Missouri and Oklahoma

    Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas: these are the States where Route 66 is the open road that cuts through endless fields and timeless towns. Isn't that the idea that everybody has of the Mother Road?
  • Day 9 • Texas, where everything is bigger

    Our journey through Route 66 goes on. We stop to visit a museum dedicated to the road and then it's time to cross the border to Texas, the State where everything is bigger... Like the biggest steak in the world! Can you eat it all? If so then you'll get it for free! We stop overnight at Amarillo, Texas, at the heart of the 66. Lots of fun and a nice rest.
  • Day 10 • From Amarillo to Santa Fe

    After leaving Amarillo, Texas has one more surprise in store for us: where else could we find a Cadillac Ranch? Can't miss that picture! This is one of the most famous landmarks on Route 66... But before crossing the border and entering New Mexico, there is the sign indicating the half-way point of Route 66, it's the same mileage from here to either Chicago or LA…. Again, you can't avoid taking a photo. Beautiful and elegant Santa Fe welcomes us and marks the end of the day.
  • Day 11 • Chasing the Wild Hogs

    Out of Santa Fe, the Turquoise Trail takes us South and crosses a place made famous by one of the most popular movies among bikers all over the world. Ever heard of The Wild Hogs? Time to move again to reach Albuquerque, with its great mix of tradition and modernity. The Old Town shopping district as well as the Route 66 crossing the heart of the city provide a lot of different atmospheres and great places to stay.
  • Day 12 • Have you ever slept in a teepee ?

    After the night in Albuquerque, Route 66 takes us towards Arizona. But before crossing the border, Acoma Pueblo and Gallup are stops on the way. Then it’s time to enter Arizona. The many colors of the rocks in the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert are at their best by sunset, to close a day full of emotions.

  • Day 13 • From 66 to the Grand Canyon

    Leaving Holbrook and riding westbound, the road offers a never-ending succession of places where you can feel what life on the road really means, as we get off the modern Interstate and look for the old 66. We then arrive at Williams, a cozy little town and a true icon of Route 66. The Grand Canyon is only 55 miles away… But can we get that close to one of the wonders of the world without going there and seeing it? Of course not! Here's the first, extraordinary detour we take from 66. The stunning view of the sunset over the canyon leaves people breathless. Time to go for dinner; a well-deserved country-style steak to settle unforgettable emotions. 
  • Day 14 • Back again on Route 66

    After seeing the Grand Canyon one last time, we head down South to get back onto Route 66. Riding west past Williams, we hit the best preserved section of the Arizona 66, one of the most exciting parts of the entire stretch of road. We stop along the way in Seligman, birthplace of the Arizona 66, Hackberry and finally Kingman. Where a relaxing and delicious meal is waiting for us at the whistle of the Santa Fe trains...
  • Day 15 • On the road, in the Desert

    We leave Kingman and stay on the 66 westbound to come across one of the most unexpected places of the Mother Road. Everybody loves Oatman because of its Old West flavor and because of the wild burros…  Out of Oatman, we have the hottest stage of the trip ahead of us, riding deep into the scorching Mohave Desert. We head to legendary places like Roy's Cafe and at the end of the stage Barstow provides us with some rest. onRoute66-Ovest-giorno11
  • Day 16 • Los Angeles, last stop on 66!

    Departing from Barstow, we leave the Mohave Desert heat behind us and we start riding over the tangle of Interstates and highways of the endless metro-area of Los Angeles. That is the final stage of our journey, the one taking us to the Western end of Route 66, the final destination of our trip. A photo souvenir and dinner at at the Santa Monica Pier marks the symbolic end of the trip. onRoute66-Ovest-giorno13
  • Day 17 / 18 •  Participants fly back to Europe and get to their final destination. End of the tour.

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