There are dreams we have as children that live on inside us, unchanged. Dreams that not only refuse to die, but come back to us stronger, day after day. For me, these dreams have always revolved around the on the road legend: the epic road trip, the never ending highway stretching across the American West, journeys through Indian country, the great Westerns portraying how the West was won. This was the stuff of my childhood dreams, and those dreams are still with me today. These dreams were born of watching countless Westerns sitting on my father’s knee, and as an adult these dreams have manifested themselves in a burning desire to explore these legendary highways, and discover first-hand these breathtaking landscapes on my Harley-Davidson®. I have now decided to divide my time between Europe and the States, and make the biker trips across the American West my principal activity. I want to share with others the powerful emotions and moments of inspiration these road trips provide: the same kind of emotions I felt sitting with my father all those years ago, watching the cowboys ride through Monument Valley in the classic John Ford Westerns.

So here it is, the result of my passion for the American West and for the Harley-Davidson®, Bikers American Dream, to ride your Harley-Davidson® on the best roads in the world, in pursuit of the strongest emotions and thrills.

Bikers American Dream is a dream come true.

Come and Ride the Dream.

Bob Lonardi