With Bikers American Dream and EagleRider bike rentals, choose the best trip for you. And Ride Free!

Are you an indipendent spirit?
You don’t have  many days for your bike trip?
Do you want to drop off your bike?

Bikers American Dream has the answer for you thanks to EagleRider rentals.

If you do not need a tour guide and you like the idea of ​​living the adventure on the road in the US your own way, the capillarity and versatility of the EagleRider network can help you define the right trip for you.

With EagleRider, for example, there is no problem in renting a bike and drop it off somewhere else, in a different EagleRider rental location throughout the US. This means that if you are only interested in a part of a longer route; or you like to link two unusual destinations far from the most classic circuits; or you simply have little time to spend for your bike trip, you can choose precisely the places you want to reach or the way to go without wasting time to get there or to go back to where you left off.

Do you have a dream-of trip? Contact Bikers American Dream and we will help you make your dream come true the best way. Once you have chosen your ideal route, we organize the trip by booking your flight, the bike you prefer, the hotels and any other service you may need or request. We will also suggest you a program but leaving you maximum freedom. And, if necessary, you can count on our assistance.

Customize your tour with Bikers American Dream and EagleRider.
See here some example…

California Hwy 1 – from San Diego to Portland

Ride through the legendary road that runs along the Pacific coastline. See the big cities Los Angeles and San Francisco, Santa Monica beaches, Napa Valley vineyards and Oregon’s wild cliffs. Discover all the colors and flavors of one of the world’s most beautiful roads.

Western Route 66 – from Albuquerque to Los Angeles

Between New Mexico and California, up to the Santa Monica Pier, western scenery gives legendary Mother Road the best colors and the most inspiring emotions. Live the best of the road that every rider dreams of riding at least once in a lifetime.

Winter Desert – from Phoenix to Las Vegas

Do you feel like taking a Winter ride in the US but want an alternative to Florida? Mojave Desert between California, Nevada and Arizona guarantees unforgettable scenery and unique colors. Ride The Joshua Tree, the never-ending straight lines on Route 66, Death Valley and let yourself be tempted by Las Vegas.

The Cowboy Ride – from Oklahoma City to Houston

Ride from Oklahoma’s prairies to the infinite horizons in Texas, where the green of the grass meets the blue of the sky. A ride deep into America’s roots, through the lands of the Cowboys, to whom the beautiful Museum in Oklahoma City is dedicated.

East Coast Big Cities – from Boston to Washington

Are the Eastern Coast big cities your favorite places? Elegant Boston, busy Washington – Nation’s Capital -, refined Philadelphia – where Nation’s independence and unity were declared -, and universal New York, all of them linked in one trip through metropolitan America.

The Delta Blues – from New Orleans to Memphis

Find out about the roots of Blues music and American music itself, through the lands of the Mississippi river. From the sounds and colors of New Orleans to the place where the veritable King or Rock&Roll rests in peace, ride to the rhythm of the Music and the Big Twin.