A Harley-Davidson® trip on the American open roads is, for many bikers, a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. Each and every mile ridden leaves the participants with emotions and excitement. Once back home, memories are as strong… Luckily, some of the Bikers American Dream adventurers find the way to tell about their feelings…

CLAUDIO / …On Route 66!

Hello Bob and Nanou. The trip was wonderful and you’ve been taking care of us for any need we mnight have had. It was just perfect. What remains deep into our souls is a never-fading memory of those days, when we discovered unforgettable places. You have been a constant presence made of professional care and human understanding, and that has happened throughout the journey. Thansk also to all this, the magic came true. Last night I was having dinner with some friends and, of course, I was talking about the tour (guess I must have been doing that a thgousan times already…) and I was sincerely moved to tears – and aI was no ashamed of it – when I told them the story of the guy in Missouri that offered us watermelon and then stopped the group to give me the American flag. As you know, I took that flag with me all the way up to Los Angeles. These memories will stay with me forever. Thanks for everything.

LORENA E FABIO / …On Route 66!

Hello Bob and Nanou. We still feel a bit like “a fish out of the water”… We got back home and started to arrange pictures and videos and – like you said – we are starting to realize what we have done. Now we have the feeling that we cannot stand what is aroud us, as if we had become intolerant about people, situations and material things. Everything seems so boring! I guess we will slowly go back to normal life and these feelings will disappear, but no doubt that we’ve changed… And it is clearly visible, we’ve been told… ! Best wishes and a big, big, big THANK YOU for all that you have given us. Dear Maddalena, We want to thank you so much for your time, courtesy and professionalism. To take a trip to the US was for us a true adventure. We are not used to flights, specially the long ones and we had never taken such a long trip. But your assistance and expertise have helped us a lot. Everything went well and we are more than happy. Our intention is to return soon to America and to take another tour. In any case, and certainly, we will choose again your agency and Bikers American Dream…

CHIARA / …On Route 66!

It ‘was hard to return to normal life and to work, but we did it ! To tell you the truth, day after day I become mnore and more aware of what we did! What a hell of a trip we have taken! So intense that we were not even able – or we did not have time – to realize what we were experiencing…

ROBERTO / The Frontier Ride

Dear Bob, we came back to the routine of everyday work and life. I think now about the pleasures this beautiful trip provided us with, I think about all the nice fellows who have been riding wih us and I still want to thank you and Nanou. You have turned our summer holidays into a wonderful experience this year… I’m looking at all the pictures we have taken from the trip and I’m listening to Fire & Squareby John Prine, so full of sweet ballads. And I feel like leaving again for a new trip. See you soon, that’s for sure.

LAURA AND ROBY / The Frontier Ride

Hello Nanou and Bob We’ve been back for one week by now… And yet, the wonderful things we saw are still in our eyes. We do want to thank you and Nanou for this wonderful experience and for youe exquisite kindness. You have been taking care of us once again, and you are a guarantee! After our third trip, I think I can say that! A big hug!

CARLO AND CHIARA / The Frontier Ride

Hello Bob. That was so cool! Everything was so cool! I still have adrenaline running through my veins… What can I say ? It was the journey I had always been dreaming of. I had high expectations and the trip managed to exceed them. I’m looking forward to have the pictures reviewed in order to show everybody why they should take this trip with you! See you soon!

MARCO / The Frontier Ride

Hello Bob. Thanks for the pictures you sent over, they are really spectacular! No need to say that looking at those images has brought back all the deep emotions that were with me all along the fantastic journey we did together. To all the people that ask me about the trip, I keep on giving the same  answer: “It’s been the trip of my life”.  Because that has been to me. Thank you so much again for this wonderful adventure. See you soon!

FRANCO / The Frontier Ride

Hello Bob. I’m looking at the wonderful pictures from the trip and I’m listening to some ZZ Top. Could not stop me from asking myself: “But what am I doing here?” Is the anwers obvious or hard? Meanwhile, I am also realizing how much this trip has filled my mind and my soul. I did not think there was still so much room inside there… Thanks!

BRUNO AND BRUNA / The Grand West

Hello Bob! The tour was fantastic. Congratulations to all of you. I know it’s not easy to organize something like that… You are GREAT! But how homesick I feel! I can not erase form my mind images like the ones of Bryce Canyon, Yosemite, Zion, Death Valley, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley… We can not erase from our minds the colors, the perfumes, the sensation… I had read that this trip would be is the best way to start discovering the US. I totally agree! Add to this a party of “wild hogs” and the picture is complete. Thanks to all of you for making our holiday unforgettable!

NICOLA / The Grand West

It’s been a spectacular trip, for sure exceeding any expectation I might have had… Thanks most of all to the people I met there. Even difficulties, in the end, have helped strengthen the group and turn out to be among the nice memories of the trip. I’m ready to start over again tomorrow!

MASSIMO / The Grand West

We had fun, we have seen many places that are special to all of us, since they evoke mythical facts, situations, images of our youth. Books, movies, stories live back within our minds (each in its own way) when we manage to ”touch” those places that become real and otherwise would have remained only imaginary. What is amazing about he Southwest, is that, contrary to what happens in general, reality is better than the dream. You just can’t be disappointed! Having said that, it is clear that the success of these trips (obviously excluding the organization and the beauty of the area) lies in the diversity of travelers and in the fact that you take the trip on a bike. Try and do the same on a car: it would not taste the same! But if the passion for motorcycles is the glue, however, the diversity of travelers makes an experience like this unique. But the most beautiful journey is the one still to be done, so the next!

STEFANO / The Grand West

It was 1969 and at Cinema Fiammetta, in Casalecchio, they showed Easy Rider. I was 15 years old and was in the front row. Since then, my recurring dream was to see those lands with my own eyes and to walk the streets with my on legs, breathing that air. I guess I didn’t understand a lot of that movie, but it doesn’t matter: my eyes were open wide and fixed on those spoked wheels and the wonderful show of nature that those territories offer. Most probably I had already seen them in some western movie, but this time there was something new: the Bike was there, the Motorcycle with a capital M, the most imitated one, the true Myth: H-D! Well … I got there! It took me a few years but I did it! And with the immense satisfaction of bringing my daughter with me. It ’been a wonderful experience and I hope I will have the chance to repeat it. I felt strong emotions and do not deny that some tears came to my eyes… But I blamed the wind under the sun glasses…  I would like to thank everyone, starting from the guides, which were able to manage a team with so many ”wild hogs” that showed to be real bikers in the end. Thanks to Marta and Mateo on the support vehicle. And thank God for having created this place and for allowing me to see them.Bob, I wish you all the best, that you may continue doing your job as a guide with the same professionalism and above all with the same infectious enthusiasm. Thanks! Traveling with you was very nice and exciting and you know that 5 days in your company were not enough for me… So I’m already thinking of the next roads to travel together.

ANDREA / The Grand West

Hello Bob. I just want to thank you for making a dream I cherished for years come true. Now it’s already a memory, but with great pleasure and jealousy I will keep it in the drawer of my most precious memories. As well as the sense of immensity and infinite that I experienced there. I want to greet and thank Maurizio, our great guide together with you, and all the friends I met on the road that made this fantastic adventure even more rich. Thank you so much to everyone!


Hello Bob. We are finally back to Italy. What a fantastic trip! Maurizio, our guide, has been great, a real professional. Do not let him go!

FEDERICA / The Grand West

Dear Bob, I would like to thank you for everything you did. The trip has been fantastic, exceeding any expectation we might have had. And Maurizio, our tour guide, has been wonderful. What a pity that we had to come back…

SAMANTHA E MASSIMO / Hell of Arizona!

It’s been now more than 20 days since we returned from our beautiful trip. And yet, we still feel sadness in our hearts for being back and happiness for what we have ben allowed to live. An unforgettable experience that will live within us forever. One day, when we have children, we won’t stop telling them what an amazing trip this has been, experience this has been, both because of the unique places we visited and because of the people we travelled with. As a matter of fact, yes, we feel different after living such an experience, and we feel like real bikers now. Thank you!

FRANCO AND FRANCA / Hell of Arizona!

Hello Bob.
 We are just back from Arizona and want to say hello and congratulate you for the fabulous adventure your organization has allowed us to make. We are excited about what we have done and seen through a rich and well-organized program. The support vehicle was of great help, but what we appreciated most has been the leadership of our guide Maurizio. I never expected to “endure” so variable weather conditions (from scorching sun to huge thunderstorms) like I did… To the point that I felt physically much better at the end of the holiday than at the beginning. Thanks for teaching us he best way to enjoy traveling, America and the Americans. For us, the abolute highlight s were the Prescott Rodeo Parade on July 4th and the Vendome Hotel. But all the rest we liked too! See you soon for one more adventure on the road!

MARZIA AND GERMANO / Hell of Arizona!

Well, don’t know what we could add to what has already been said… A journey that is tattooed on our soul and will stay with us forever. An unforgettable experience made of places, scenery and emotions, that no picture or word will ever be able to catch. I smile when I think of our travel mates, and our guides were like friends or a rescue team when needed. Their passion and commitment made us love this trip before we even started. Even now I wake up at night thinking of being in some hotel room in Kingman or Prescott or in any of the towns we visited… Many thanks to all of you for making this experience almost perfect! See you all soon we hope!

ROBERTO AND LAURA / Hell of Arizona!

Dear Bob, the trip we took has been an experience that left its mark! UNFORGETTABLE! That’s because of the scenery, we saw, because of the people we travelled with, but most of all because of our guides, for the attention they have always had on us and the atmosphere they created. Bravo! See you soon, for sure!

DAVIDE AND BARBARA / Hell of Arizona!

We just got back home… It’s been a wonderful experience, that has meant also a wide knowledge of those places and culture that no one can ever take from us. You are special people: in addition to the professional side that was nothing but perfect, you have been able to involve us and we managed to feel the same emotions that you feel. We will never thank you enough!

SIMONA / Hell of Arizona!

Hello Bob. It’s been a week since we came back home… I would like to give you a big hug, to make you feel how grateful I am for everything you did for us during the wonderful trip we took together. Already before departure, you managed to make us feel like little boys that could not wait to go to the rides. You delivered all the passion, enthusiasm and love you feel for that beautifiul land o Arizona; but the most spectacular thing you managed to achieve has been exceeding our expectations! Sometimes I was feeling like I was in a playground, sometimes like I was in a movie… I simply went back to my childhood! This trip touched my heart, my soul, I felt excitement and continuous wonder. I can’t really express what my feelings were during the trip, I can barely write about it; the only thing I can say is that I don’t know how to thank you. I will never forget this journey, not only for the stunning beauty and majesty of the scenery, but most of all for the peaceful, easy feeling we enjoyed thanks to your presence. I will tell everybody to take this trip. Bob, you’re a star!

PAOLO / Hell of Arizona!

Hello Bob. Today is the last day of our vacation. Last night, together with my wife, I reviewed the pictures we took during the beautiful trip through Arizona. Plenty of emotions linked with that wonderful land came alive again. While still in the US, I want to thank you for everything you did in guiding and showing us around, helping us enjoying those mythical places in the right way. And most of all, thank you for what you did to help and encourage me to ride a beautiful and legendary Harley.

SILVIA / Hell of Arizona!

I wanted to let you know that the trip we experienced with you was and always will be unforgettable… I learned that eyes are the best camera, the heart is the best photo album, and the heart is also the best chest in which to keep all. You are mythical.

DEBRA / Hell of Arizona!

Hi Bob. From someone who had never been on a Harley trip before, I am astounded by the intense emotion I felt on every single day of our adventure. Of course, being an “American West local,” I had visited some of the places before, but nothing, absolutely nothing, can compare with the emotion of riding places like Monument Valley on a Harley-Davidson. You showed me an America that I love more than the one I already knew… the wind in our hair, the sun on our backs, the raindrops on our faces, the intense smells, and the unforgettable emotion when it is all put together. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the best trip I have ever had. I look forward to sharing many more adventures with you and other B.A.D. bikers in the future. You make magic happen, dreams a reality, and passion come alive.