All you have to know in order to ride with us!



The prices advertised for Bikers American Dream‘ tours are transparent. There are no hidden extras. Our all-inclusive formula leaves out only meals.
    • Return flight from the airport nearest to your city
    • Airport charges
    • Hotel stays in double room (Best Western level or higher) with double or single occupancy
    • Transfer from the airport to the hotel in the city where the group trip begins
    • Transfer from the hotel to the EagleRider rental location and from the EagleRider rental location  to the hotel at the end of the tour
    • Rental of one of the latest Harley-Davidson® models, with unlimited mileage (an extre-price applies in the case of the Tri Glide/Trike due to the higher rental rate vs the other models)
    • U.S.-approved helmet
    • Repair service in case of breakdown
    • Fuel during the whole tour
    • Bi- or trilingual guides to guarantee optimum support at any time during the trip. One guide on a motorbike riding at the front of the group and a second guide on the support vehicle that accompanies the group (for tour with less than 10 Participants, only the guide on the support vehicle is provided)
    • Support vehicle that accompanies the group and carries baggage and drinks
    • Entry to parks and museums as well as excursions in the parks
    • Baggage insurance
    • Insurance covering medical expenses for the whole duration of the trip
    • Maximum insurance coverage for the bike among the options offered by the rental company for third-party liability and damage caused when riding the motorbike
    • Bikers American Dream Patch for your vest or jacket
    • Meals (except when breakfast is included in the hotel room rate)
    • Tips to waiters, local guides or drivers hired for excursions
    • Trip cancellation insurance
    • Personal purchases
    • All that is not included in the "What’s included” list
  3. CHANGES IN THE PRICE Our final prices are dependent on three important variables:
    • the cost of flights and petrol prices
    • airport charges
    • the euro/dollar exchange rate
    • rental bike rates
    Significant changes in any of these three factors could mean Bikers American Dream adjusting their prices to accommodate the increases, and these apply even if the trip has already been reserved. We reserve the right to adjust our prices accordingly up to 10% of the price of the Tour.




Bikers American Dreamoffers and organizes Harley-Davidson® trips in the US. We are part of the Harley-Davidson® Authorized Tours program, which means that you may count on a professional organization that cares about details and gives you all the guarantees you need. Our trips are structured as group tours with a guide and a support vehicle accompanying the travelers. The Harley-Davidson® motorbikes used for the tour are chosen by the Participants when they sign up for the trip and rented from EagleRider rental organization, which has become as of 2018 official and exclusive provider Harley-Davidson® for US based tours within the Harley-Davidson® Authorized Tours program. The tours follow pre-defined proven routes. Our trip duration varies depending on the itinerary and the period of the year and includes the two and a half days needed to fly to and back from the selected destination.


We organize what are generally known as "Adventure Trips"; this implies that you may sometimes encounter unforeseeable, even extreme, weather conditions and  you may have to drive through rough terrain, although all Participants will be perfectly able to manage any road surface under the trip leader’s direction. Given this characteristic, the planned program may undergo changes as a consequence of unexpected events that may affect the schedule, travel times and riding safety of the group. Therefore, under their own responsibility, all Participants declare themselves to be used to riding a powerful motorbike and to be capable of riding the bike safely, even in difficult conditions and for prolonged periods of time. Being ready for this kind of event is one of the conditions that fall within the definition of “adventure-type holiday” which the Participant agrees to upon booking the trip. Participants are therefore entirely responsible for their own safety and that of their passenger.


How can you choose the trip that best suits you? Bikers American Dream offers a wide range of tour formats: every tour has a different, specific theme, covers a different distance and, above all, goes through very different landscapes. Therefore, it is advisable to read carefully the tour description provided and ask the organizer for any additional information, so as to make sure that you choose the trip that meets your requirements. Some people love uncontaminated nature, some want to visit major cities; there are those who are attracted by breathtaking landscapes and those who are History & Culture enthusiasts... So, let everyone have the tour they want!


Booking process in order to join one of the Bikers American Dream's tours is easy. After getting all the info you need, also by calling BTExpert tour operator to define all the services you intend to buy or customize them, you book your trip through Bikers American Dream's website by filling and sending the specific for you find at BOOK YOUR TRIPpage. Your place on the trip will only be confirmed upon receipt of the application form - duly filled out and signed - along with the signed Traveler’s Contract and the agreed amount. Verbal contracts or telephone conversations are not considered a guarantee of your booking. Once your booking has been confirmed, you have indeed accepted the terms and conditions set out in this document.



Once you have booked your trip, the following terms of payment apply:
  • 30 % of the total cost upon booking
  • The balance must be paid in full at least 60 working days before departure or following a request from the company to pay the outstanding amount.
For bookings made within 60 working days of departure, the balance should be paid in full upon booking. If the balance has not been paid in full 30 working days before departure, the organizer reserves the right to consider this as a cancellation and retain the client’s deposit. Once the full balance has been paid, plane tickets and the full itinerary will be sent to the client by courier.


It may happen that a trip is canceled. It may be canceled by the organizers - for example - if there are not enough Participants to make the trip viable or due to other unforeseen causes. Or it can be the client canceling his own booking. What happens then? Trip canceled by the organizers In this case, the organisation will make every effort to offer clients an alternative departure date. If a convenient date for the client cannot be found, the company will repay the full amount paid by the client, but will not offer any additional form of compensation. Trip canceled by the client Notification of a client cancelation must be given by fax, letter or e mail. The penalty to be paid for cancelling depends on how soon before the trip the cancellation notification is received (if notification is given by post, the post mark will be taken as the date of notification):
  • More than 45 working days before departure    50% of the total trip cost
  • 45 to 30 working days before departure              70% of the total trip cost
  • Less than 30 working days before departure   100% of the total trip cost
Where the client does not complete through his own choice, or if the client decides not to avail himself of some of the services included, no reimbursement will be paid. Nor will any compensation be paid in the following situations:
  • the client fails to arrive on time at the agreed meeting point as a result of problems related to air travel (delays due to bad weather or technical failure of the aircraft, missed connections, sudden flight cancelations). BTExpert / Bikers American Dream commit themselves to look for all possible solutions that may allow the client to catch up and join the group at the earliest opportunity;
  • the client is unable to depart as a result of not having a valid passport;
  • the client cannot take part in all or some of the activities planned because he has not got the required entry visa, driving licence or other documents, or because the validity of one or more of the required documents has expired.



Both health insurance and insurance for client’s baggage are included in the price of the trip. The level of coverage is as follows:

Refund of medical expenses

Up to a maximum of 600 € in Italy and 15,000 € outside Italy, the client will be reimbursed for medical costs due to sickness or accidents that occur in the period covered. These costs may relate to doctors’ fees; dental treatment - only if treatment follows an accident and only up to a maximum of 200 €; hospital stay, surgery and prescribed medication. In  case the client needs to stay in hospital to recover from an accident, or from one of the sicknesses covered by the terms of the insurance policy, the head office, upon receipt of the client’s request , will pay the expenses directly. The insured client, however, must pay any excess costs beyond the limit stated in the policy, and this balance must be paid directly to the hospital and at the time of treatment. For procedures with a cost greater than 1,000 €, the client must consult the head office before consenting to treatment. Medical costs incurred in Italy as a result of accidents taking place during the trip will only be covered for treatment received within 60 days of returning to Italy and will only be covered up to a maximum of 500 €. Liability and Excesses. In case of an accident, the first 50 € of any costs will be paid by the client. Where an accident leads to damages of over 1,000 €, and it was not possible to get immediate authorization for the treatment from the head office, the client’s expenses will be reimbursed as long as the client can show evidence of the payment made by credit card or bank transfer. However, as no authorization of the expense was given by the head office prior to treatment, the client will be liable for 25% of the total costs, with a minimum of 50 €. It should be understood that when no evidence is available of the payments made by the client, either in the form of a credit card payment or a bank transfer, the insurance company will not reimburse any of the medical expenses incurred.

Baggage Insurance

The company covers your baggage:
  • in case of theft from your bag, theft of the bag or fire, up to a maximum of 300 € in Italy and 500€ outside Italy;
  • within the 300 € limit already mentioned, the cost of replacing passport, driving licence and ID cards lost or damaged for the above reasons;
  • within a limit of 300 € per person, the documented costs of any emergency purchases made in the event of the client’s baggage being lost by the airline, or arriving more than 12 hours after the client’s arrival at their destination.


Vehicle insurance coverage is of paramount importance when setting out on a motorcycle tour. Bikers American Dream includes in the motorbike rental price also the highest insurance coverage among the options offered by the rental company for third-party liability insurance and insurance against damage. The insurance coverage provided by the bike rental organization does not include or cover:
  • Full Coverage Vehicle Insurance (Kasko);
  • damage from accidents with other bikes in the same group;
  • any damage to the tiresof the bike (including puncture).


This is an optional insurance policy. As many clients do not ask for such coverage, we do not include it in the trip price. Of course, should you be interested in this policy, we can provide it.  This insurance policy costs 5% of the value of the purchased trip package and allows a refund of penalties in case of an unforeseen event that was not known at the time of booking.



As of January 12, 2009, anyone travelling to the USA and not in possession of a specific entry visa is required to complete an electronic travel authorization (ESTA -Electronic System for Travel Authorization) before boarding. The procedure is very simple and an immediate response is given upon completion of the forms. More information can be found at the U.S.A. Embassy. In addition to this authorization, those wishing to take advantage of the Visa Waiver Programto enter the country without a visa need to be in possession of an eligible passport for the US. Well before the departure date, check if your passport is one of the above types. For any additional information you should contact the nearest American Consulate in your country .


The standard European or national driving license is recognized and can be used in the U.S. For peace of mind, it can be supplemented with an international driving license, which is not mandatory however. Check that your driving license is still valid. Note: In the United States you must be 21 years old in order to ride a rental motorbike.



It is well known that there are very strict limits on the size of liquid containers that can be taken on flights. To avoid any problems, the best thing is to think carefully about what personal care products you really need. Keep these products to the bare minimum (a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste basically) and then buy the rest on arrival. You can buy all the products you need for a few dollars at any Walgreens or Walmart. Don`t forget the following essential items:
  • High-factor sun cream to protect face, neck and arms
  • Sunglasses
  • Bandana
  • Adaptor for American sockets
  • Elastic spider for attaching bag to rack
  • Liner bags for the side saddles on the bike
  • Camera and spare memory card!


The number of pieces of clothing you need (and that we suggest you carry with you) during a Bikers American Dream tour is really limited. Please consider that the areas we go through are really for on-the-road bikers. Therefore, except for Las Vegas, the cities in California or Chicago, there won’t be any social occasions. Moreover, Americans tend to dress more informally even in situations in which we would dress more elegantly. So, no sophisticated and elegant clothes are needed. You would be out of place. For these reasons, apart from underwear, you can limit your clothes to:
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 1 pair of  shorts (they are essential during the day in places such as Las Vegas)
  • 4-5 T-shirts
  • 1 sweater
  • 2 shirts (also short-sleeved)
  • 1 nylon or light leather jacket, in case of tours that go through mountain areas
  • 1 pair of motorbike boots
  • 1 pair of trainers (or comfortable  shoes) for the evening or for when you are not travelling. For example, a pair of Converse shoes are perfect for any situation.



If you are leaving for a bike tour in the States, we suggest that you take only one carry-on bag with you. If you think it is not enough, don’t worry: during the trip you will most certainly buy many things that will ensure that you have everything you need during your stay. On the other hand, it may be useful to put in your carry-on an empty, soft bag that can be folded. When you go back home, you can use it to put all the things you’ve purchased in it.


According to U.S. regulations, checked baggage on flights departing from the United States must not be locked using padlocks or any type of lock. This allows airport security staff to carry out the necessary checks. If you need to check on your return flight pieces of baggage containing the items purchased during the tour, do not lock them with any key or locking device but buy the special TSA-approved padlock that is sold in any US airport store. These special padlocks allow you to lock your bag or suitcase, while at the same time letting security officers open it and carry out the required checks (thanks to a special combination).


The bikes used for the Bikers American Dream tours have a lot of storage space that can accommodate both the driver’s and the passenger’s bags, also because the areas included in the itinerary do not usually require travelers to be dressed formally, so they can pack few simple pieces of clothing and buy additional clothes during the trip. Should you choose a bike without a tour pack, you can use the baggage rack that can accommodate a backpack if you want to have additional storage space. However, at the beginning of the tour every Participant can load a piece of baggage onto the support vehicle provided for every trip we organize. In this way, the support vehicle will have enough storage space available also for the items purchased by the Participants during the tour. In addition to this, you can store what you do not need during the tour at the EagleRider rental location.



Complying with the Highway Code of the visited country is the most important rule to be followed during the tours organized by Bikers American Dream. Every Participant must respect speed limits and safety rules and he/she will be solely responsible for his/her vehicle. As Participants travel in a group, each of them should be very careful not to endanger the safety of the other Participants with his/her behavior. If these basic rules are not respected, the Participant will be held solely responsible of any damage caused or any fines given Moreover, if you are travelling in the U.S., once you are on your Harley®, you should always keep in mind four golden rules:
  • Respect speed limits and do not drive too aggressively. Police patrols are everywhere, even if you don’t see them, and policemen are inflexible.
  • Always STOP at STOP signs, even though there is no incoming vehicle. The police is inflexible on this.
  • Never draw abreast of cars stuck in a tailback. In the States, this manoeuver is  considered a dangerous violation of the highway code and also in this case the police shows zero tolerance. Motorbikes are expected to stand in line like all other vehicles. You just need to be patient.
  • Always greet other riders on the road. Solidarity is taken very seriously here.


Wearing a helmet is ALWAYS mandatory for people riding a rental motorbike, even in the Federal States where residents are not required to wear it when riding their own bikes. So, never forget to put on your helmet, also and especially for safety reasons. For the reason explained above, the bike rental price includes the helmet. Of course, rental helmets may sometimes be mishandled and they are however used by many people. This problem can be overcome by using a bandana to protect your head and hair. Alternatively, you may buy a helmet on site at a reasonable price. We advise against bringing your helmet from Europe, since European helmets are not approved in the U.S. and vice versa (this is a mere regulatory issue, as the materials used are often the same). The police seldom checks helmets, but if they do you might have problems and the same applies in case of an accident.



Bikers American Dream groups are generally comprised of 8 to 12 motorbikes and about 20 people, including riders and passengers. This size ensures logistic efficiency at all times, even on the road, and gives every Participant the opportunity to get to know the guide and the other travelers. This helps build genuine team spirit based on participation, conviviality and empathy that adds to the quality of this unique, unforgettable experience. In order to make all that happen, Participants are of course invited to show a respectful attitude towards the other members of the group, following the rules established by the group: no aggressive or intolerant behaviour, adherence to the team spirit, showing respect and spirit of cooperation also when another member of the group has an accident or mechanical problems. For safety reasons, Participants are requested to complete the entire planned route with the rest of the group. Once the Participants have reached the hotel at the end of the day’s travelling, they are free to do what they like on their own or stay with the gro.


Bikers American Dream works with Italian guides who are Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts as well as specialists of organized tours of the American South-West. The tour guides also speak fluent English and French. Bikers American Dream trips are staffed by a guide on a motorbike riding at the front of the group and a second guide on the support vehicle that accompanies the group. Only in case of groups below a pre-defined minimum number of Participants, only one guide traveling on the support vehicle will accompany the group. In any case, the assistance of a guide allows the Participants to fully enjoy the tour as any situation or issue will be dealt with by the guide. The guide on the motorbike is important also because he/she shares the very same experiences as the Participants, both when everything runs smoothly and in difficult situations, thus strengthening the feeling of complicity with the group and earning its respect and credibility – so to say - “in the field”. However, all Bikers American Dream guides are experienced professionals. It is the guide’s task to: - stick to the tour schedule as far as possible, but at the same time allow for possible changes that may be necessary or advisable based on the trip conditions.; - indicate the start and end time of each stage of the journey and ‘set the pace’ of the trip; - act as a conciliator in case of arguments or disagreement between members of the group. On the other hand, all Participants are expected to accept the decisions taken or imposed by the guide, who acts in the best interests of the group and with the aim of ensuring that the entire group enjoys the best possible trip conditions.


All group tours with a Bikers American Dreamguide include a support vehicle driven by a staff member or by the tour guide. The vehicle is generally a van or a large-sized American SUV. The vehicle is used to load the baggage that cannot be fitted on the motorbike (at the beginning of the tour, each Participant is given the possibility to put a piece of baggage in the van) and, subsequently, to add the various items bought during the trip. Each Participant is directly responsible for the handling and security of their baggage. However, the support vehicle can also be used to transport cool drinks (essential when crossing particularly hot areas) and provide assistance when necessary. The support vehicle contributes to ensure a high level of service during the tour.



Although the daily schedules may also be challenging and the distances covered  sometimes long, the trips organized by Bikers American Dreamfeature a well-balanced mix of hours spent on the bike and hours of rest, with short breaks in between. The distances covered daily may vary and are generally between 200 and 300 Km to allow the group to visit places of interest but also to have appropriate breaks. However, the longest transfers almost never exceed 500 km. The roads selected – wide and always ensuring excellent visibility – and traffic conditions – traffic, if any, is generally relaxed and disciplined – turn travelling by motorbike into an extremely pleasant, not at all tiring experience.


The hotels selected by Bikers American Dreamfor its guests are well-known, tested and of an appropriate level. The minimum level of quality taken as reference is that of Best Western hotels; cleanliness and proper hygiene are always guaranteed. In some cases,  luxury hotels (5-star hotels) are chosen, whereas sometimes the hotel is a historic landmark or an exclusive location of relevance in the area where an overnight stay is scheduled. During our tours, each Participant (single or couple) has his/her own room and no room sharing is foreseen (in other words, no rooms for four or more people are available).


When you travel in the United States, you find plenty of American-style food on the road, in particular hamburgers and steaks. But you can easily order also chicken and turkey, vegetables and fruit if you prefer a lighter lunch or snack when on the road. Cities offer a wider choice in terms of food and restaurants, here you can even find menus featuring European-style dishes. Sometimes, upon request of the group members, lunch is just a quick snack at a service plaza where you can fuel up your bike and rest for a while. Dinner, on the other hand, is something of a ritual, a way to celebrate and end in very good company the day spent on the road. Dinner mostly takes place in cafés or restaurants that are typical of the place. Meals are not included in the tour prices quoted by Bikers American Dream. The daily cost of three meals ranges between 50 and 80 USD, depending on the place and situation. To this you should add the cost of beverages, which are bought in large quantity, especially   in particular sections of the tour.


Bikers American Dream routes cross various areas, each with its own climate. So, Participants will experience the most diverse climatic conditions. For example, many think that the weather in the American West is always exclusively hot. It is not. In some cases, you need to be prepared to deal with changeable weather and sudden – even considerable - changes in temperature. And if it is true that temperatures in the Death Valley or in Las Vegas are generally high, it is also true that climate is extremely different from State to State – from the scorching heat of the desert in California or Arizona to the cold winds of the West Coast in the San Francisco area or the snow in the mountains of  Wyoming or Montana. And in the summer the monsoon winds blow and bring rain in States such as Arizona and Utah between July and August, with considerable changes in the temperatures. However, the weather is mostly fine and the chances of rain remain low; apart from some States of the Midwest crossed by Route 66 or by the Blues Highway, the weather is hot but dry, it’s never sultry and nights are cool.